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Why it's BEST to hire Message Direct?

At Message Direct, our graphic designing, developing, writing, and photography covers 33 years of experience. We've been working with local, regional and national clients to grow their brands since 2004. We are privileged to be accessible to our clients so we can meet with them one on one and make them part of the process. We help lift-up companies to their potential.

Is it time for an MD?

We are not an MD, but a standard service in most contracts and we provide a detailed guide required to build the BEST compelling brand to help your company or product reach the BEST heights. Our marketing consulting is a process, direction and strategy used along with project management to assure your success. Message Direct has lifted Company #2 and others to their BEST heights.

Let's get started!
1. Client provides short company overview. Refined through collaboration.
2. Discuss/determine core values and current selling process
3. Discuss, clarify and identify products & services
4. Discuss and define marketing goals for each contracted media. (This may be accomplished in phases, but will usually start with the website.)
5. Clarify target market
6. Determine top competition and review their online presence
7. Develop list of core benefits and competitive advantages.
8. Categorization of corporate information for best use.
9. Organize, optimize and define website structure when applicable.
10. Implement into contracted media to support this process.

The above processes easily transcends into the development of both design and marketing for your branding projects. They serve as a "BEST MD" to verify the building of your brand.

Important Note!

All brands need constant re-assessment, improvement, new ideas, and new incentives etc. to reach their full potential. No brand in history has gone unaltered. It is very important to often re-visit, analyze, and brainstorm new ideas for your original product & company as well as your content, image, and calls to action.

Message Direct consistently and exceptionally brings a wealth of creativity, technology, performance and — most of all — passion.

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