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Website Design & Development.
variety of websites

Message Direct offers many options to choose for your quest for online presence. Whether future prospects learn about your business/company from a colleague, brochure, trade show or online media source — your company's website very possibly could be the first place they will visit to learn more about the services or products you offer. Over a number of years Message Direct has been involved in web design, programming and writing. We have the expertise to create the most effective website to meet your needs. A Message Direct designed website models the strategic insight of, art, technology, and useability — which leads to the BEST reflection of your company. Superior web development is what ultimately drives a multitude of potential leads, increases visibility of your brand and takes your business upward. Becoming an industry leader is the goal we help you accomplish.

Responsive websites
Turning Point Church home page and mobile device and facebook

Responsive web design provides a method of adapting a website and making it adaptable to the range of browsers and the trendy device environment. Monitor screens for desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices really differ. Responsive website pages format optimally in most browsers and devices by proportionally using current technology to resize information. Message Direct uses style sheets to allow the website pages to fit into the browser or device monitor screen. We can design your website to become the perfect responsive design. Message Direct has been designing and creating websites for 11 years.

Other Message Direct websites
Carmel Oaks Senior Living Community Regency of Kearney Embrace The Nations

Award Winning website — Eden Tree Pros
Eden Tree Pros home page

Eden Tree Pros website became an awarding winning website within the year it was conceived. With considerable increasingly web-world presence, Eden Tree Pros website represented branding and SEO success. Message Direct established that this website development project would continue the new created brand serving as the focal point of all their marketing. From beginning to end many promotional efforts were integrated, including PR by means of TV spot links, advertising, newsletters,and email marketing. Complete, end-to-end web development. Eden Tree Pro's website became a complete solution, offering superior value and ROI for them. Our client was very content in knowing that we used a process more advanced then some typical Web development initiatives.

Custom Designed Infographics in online Accounting Software website.
FutexMax online software programing

This client wanted to visually upgrade it's current accounting software by adding uniquely designed infographics. Many infographic examples for this graphic assignment were presented. FuTex's Complete Fund Accounting System is a fully integrated Accounting System designed to meet all the rigorous Accounting Standards as set forth by the General Accounting Standards Board for Non-Profit Organizations. The System is fully compatible with the Windows Based System, thus providing User friendly drop down menus. FuTex continues to support operations on main frame platforms. Message Direct made a vigorous effort to understand and develop the direction the client chose. Knowing that the current client base consists of schools, and non-profit agencies ranging from 50 to 2000+ Employees. We produced impressive looking screens, menus and other creative graphics.

Rotating Marketing Ads placed in FutexMAX online software.
Marketing Ads Marketing Ads Marketing Ads Marketing Ads Marketing Ads Marketing Ads

FuTex Complete Accounting Software has been available for windowed environments since 1993. This has helped to increase usability of the system. Futex appointed Message Direct to research what it would take to add Rotating Marketing Ads within the software. The designs shown above are just a few of the many Marketing Ads designed and created to attract attention about the features available to purchase.

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