Projects #9 - Newsletter — Print and Online

Newsletters — Keep Customers Informed and Up-to-Date.Linweld - Medical Gas Provider

Message Direct was asked by the Linweld Corporation to create and design a quarterly print and online newsletter. Every Linweld newsletter was designed to inform current, potential customers and businesses about their high quality, cutting-edge technology products. Medical Gas cylinders are types of compressed & liquefied gases used at senior care, assisted living and nursing facilities.

New Product Introduced

OxyTOTE Gets Rave Reviews — Linweld introduced the OxyTOTE — an oxygen cylinder combined with a built-in regulator, flowmeter and contents gauge. Since then, the all-in-one system has generated lots of positive feedback from Linweld customers including the Living Community of St. Joseph in St. Joseph, Missouri.

A fast favorite among nurses — "Our nurses love the speed and convenience of it," reports Tim Collins, maintenance supervisor for the facilities. "They no longer have to struggle with attaching a regulator to a cylinder with a crescent wrench. With testimonies and responses from users and buyers, the Linweld print/online newsletters increased familiarity and informative descriptions of the variety of products. This ultimately increased awareness which helped produce more sales.

Nebraska State Agency print and online newsletters
Abstinence News - Nebraska State Abstinence Education Program

Message Direct considered it a privledge to be part of these many print/online newsletter projects. This program is to help students realize how the decisions they make today can affect their future. The State of Nebraska addressed such topics as media, drugs and alcohol, STDs and choosing friends while weaving the abstinence message throughout.

Nebraska Abstinence — Education Still Going Strong

The federal Abstinence Education Grant Program to states has been in existence for over ten years. Nebraska's abstinence education efforts emphasize implementing and facilitating the program in a community-based manner. In this way, local organizations and entities have used the state's funds through the sub grant process to conduct abstinence programming that fits the needs of youth at the local level. Additional activities including curriculum training, grantee summits and instruction or workshops on supportive topics have been conducted for youth workers, educators, parents and sub grant personnel throughout the life of the state's program. For fiscal year 2009, ten community organizations applied and received funding to continue abstinence programming initiated in previous years. The following sub grant programs are currently operational and contribute to the strong foundation and continued presence of the Nebraska Abstinence Education Program across the state.

Needing Financial Support — To Reach the International Community
Embrace the Nations newsletters

Embrace the Nations, a Christian non-profit organization that assists refugees in multiple areas of need and assists the public in better understanding and interacting with these newer populations. The purpose of quarterly newsletters is to inform supporters and newcomers to what we do and to offer assistance in the work place regarding refugees in our community. As refugees continue to arrive and settle, their presence impacts the city at multiple levels.

Refugees have unique needs and often go unnoticed in the community. Increased awareness among the public is advantageous for all. Many professionals have benefitted from training conducted by Embrace the Nations. Embrace the Nations addresses the needs of diverse culture groups based on a holistic model. The model addresses physical, social, literacy, and spiritual needs. While international students and immigrants have benefitted from this organization, it is the refugee who is the main recipient of its services. Services include ESL classes, life-skill classes, homework help for children, Bible study and more. Embrace the Nations also addresses the need for increased awareness among the public regarding the presence of refugees in our city. Many professionals including physicians, nurses, medical students, businesses, churches and service organizations have benefitted from training conducted by Embrace the Nations.

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