Projects #8 - Conference Promotions

Conference Promotional Materials — Reaching out to potential attendees.

Many things go into making a Conference successful. Conference themes and materials start with creative innovation. We try to think out-of-the-box to create successful ideas when establishing the conference brand. There are always things we can do much better if we know there are cost limitations. We have the ability to create and execute all the ideas thoroughly — create a story about the conference, develop a logo which defines the conference vision — cost, time constraints, and planning the marketing.

Establishing a rational and emotional connection with children using effective appealing visuals.
Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research

This was the first Children's Conference event of its kind for this church, and it was exciting to be part of the brain storming meetings and conversations around casting the vision for the Children's Conference. Being able to capture the feel, personality, emotion, and purpose was very satisfying. We wanted to create a moving expressive motion, connectivity, technology and innovation without being too masculine or too feminine. This entire conference had to feel open and freeing. Message Direct also wanted to relate to the community through a theme of humanity, hospitality, earth moving expression. Special care was taken to choose an appropriate color palette and imagery which would attract children, parents and leaders. The conference committee required us to have keen listening skills and to work on being flexible. We listened to the all of the many challenges involved regarding the location of guest speakers and creating excitement. We needed to be flexible as guest speakers were gained and lost and switched around. Our group responded to the conference committee's concerns and coordinated and planned marketing options that not only suited their goals but also considered cost control, manpower and execution. The marketing mix Message Direct created consisted of logo, letterhead, save the date cards, PDF fliers, print and web ads. Consistency in the visuals across all channels gave the event legitimacy and made it memorable. If this Children's Conference were to move forward from year to year, the logo and the visual motif will work as a memory trigger. Having this identity in place will make it easier to promote the event from year to year and will make it easier to secure speakers, sponsors, and other participants. Branded materials were carried through-out the Children's Conference as well. Message Direct designed all mediums, giveaways and signage. It was a pleasure to work with the Children's Conference Committee planners. We all came together to coordinate the production of the program guide and much more.

Training Classes offered — similar to Conference Classes
First Premier Bank Promo

This particular project was designed to inspire people to attend multiple Training Classes similar to that of a Conference. This was a very special and unique project to be involved with. The theme was created behind the idea of adventure and camping. The client supplied us with the theme behind the training classes. Design and layout of this multiple page brochure and calendar was wrapped around the camping theme. Specific trainers, dates and times were assigned to the classes offered. The piece was designed to share all the latest trends and gear to help make supervisors and managers careers a success. Our client wanted this brochure to motivate employees to work closely with their manager to ensure that the following professional development obligations were fulfilled. The line-up of professional guides have many years of experience in captivating audiences and won't lose you during training. Showing that technology can be your friend, whether you are on the lake or in the office. These classes were available for associates who have the software on their computer and who use it regularly.

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