Projects #7 - Branding

Branding — Visual consistencies for your company.Carmel Oaks Senior Living Carmel Oaks Senior Living

This company had the desire to totally upgrade it's image and increase exposure within the regional community. Carmel Oaks Independent Senior Living community in Colorado, wanted their current and future residence to notice the wonderful physical well being and the active independent lifestyle offered. They were able to build on those areas of community from the start, by having a very productive year with a minimal brand face-lift. Starting with the logo, Message Direct encouraged a very current and pleasing improvement to their logo. This approved logo worked for many types of mediums. The logo reproduces very accurately for all uses from employee shirts, jackets, and more. The leaf becomes a very memorable icon throughout all branding. As shown in the Carmel Oaks independent living website, a curved green leaf with a gradient shadow behind, makes for a high contrast helping the green leaf image to pop more. Their beautiful high quality website, floor plans, brochure/fliers etc. has the ability to make quite an impression while marketing to residential and other areas of the regional communities.

Brand results you can actually see.
Carmel Oaks Independent Living Community in Colorado Carmel Oaks Independent Living Community in Colorado Carmel Oaks Independent Living Community in Colorado

Message Direct was asked by the Carmel Oaks Independent Senior Living community to create distinct design and well crafted brand graphics to connect with and engage with their audience demographic across all platforms. Our creative strategy reached far beyond just simply developing their website. Carmel Oaks marketing material brand was designed to inform current, potential residence — of their wide range of high-quality, seventy-nine residences and their 19 different floor plans in the property. Carmel Oaks has been part of the area for many years and in need for a new Brand. Message Direct worked very hard to help further develop of their brand in the community.

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