Projects #4 - Logo Design / Branding

Message Direct client logos
Logo Design — Professional Company Identity.

Message Direct is composed of professionals designing, specializing in logos, program logos, and Corporate Identity. We provide the highest quality logo design services for clients and customers worldwide. Message Direct has helped many entrepreneurs and small businesses begin their journey toward reaching people all-over the globe.

There is more to a logo than meets the eye.

Logos are more than just shapes along with words, a exceptional logo expresses and describes your company — who you are, what you do and what you are about. With this piece of art there is much expected. It's very important that a company devote time to do this process correctly. With Message Direct, we will take you through the process of designing a logo that will successfully brand your company/product in today's marketplace.

Determining the essential function of your logo.

A well designed logo represents your companies brand by using shape, fonts, color and images. Being clear on why you need a logo or an updated logo helps Message Direct accurately guide your companies design requests forward. Expanding recognition is key. Is your competition in a group with a lot of companies? Or is your company starting out new? Having a visually strong logo can help consumers/clients recognize your brand more readily. Many consumers/clients shop with their eyes and logos can potentially be easier to remember than names, products and services. Over time, a customer comes to associate your logo with your company.Logo in outdoor signage & Ad Keeping and creating trust with your consumers/clients is based on their willingness to trust you. A professionally designed logo which conveys your company's honesty and integrity helps to put all consumers/clients at ease. If clients already have a good impression of your business, you can build on that by creating a logo that is highly-regarded for its competent looks, cleverness or effective simplicity.

More possible ways for usable logos — Special Programs
Special Program Logos

An effective Special Program logo is when creatiing a distinctive, practical, graphic, clean in form and brings the message you intended for your program. These kind of logos are there to identify the particular program while producing a creative and effective way to explain visually the basic principles of the certain program. A compelling program logo must be simple. Simple logos in general allow for easier recognition and allows the logo to be adaptable and memorable. The more useful Special Program logos feature something stunning or different without being overstated.

Special Program logos must be memorable. The principle behind these type of logos are simplicity which becomes memorable. Any Special Program logo should be memorable, and is accomplished by having a simple and clean yet appropriate logo. An effective Special Program logo should be meaningful and versatile.

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