Projects #3 - 2 in 1 Brochure / Direct Mail

Brochure and Direct Mail combined — Meet all consumers where they're at.
Mission Square Independent Living Community

This project was designed to meet a couple objectives. With the look and feel of a brochure and/or direct mail piece — reaching the consumer for our client in this manner was very efficient and very effective. This marketing piece showed the ability to act as a leave-behind and a mailer. The ROI from this unique designed piece helped this company meet their goals faster than any other marketing print piece. The wonderful thing regarding this particular piece is that it's very personal. It's not just that you address people by name on an envelope — this brochure/direct mail piece showed such an over-whelming appearance that it inspired exceptional responses. This 2 in 1 brochure/direct mail piece solved many questions to the problem many businesses can face.

PayPal Direct Mail connects with the business community.
PayPal Direct Mail Invite

The design of this direct mail piece has a very uncommon visual appearance. This particular mailing was created to reach out to the surrounding local business community. Since construction of a new building started within the community, it was time to address local businesses. In fact, this exclusive direct mail piece became a breakthrough on how to get attention. Using a special frosted square see-through envelope and the special overlap folding — this created an overwhelming curiosity and response the client was looking for. We were asked to create a piece with a very tight budget which conclusively made many meaningful connections. Standing this piece up-right on a table or counter top — resembling a uniquely shaped table tent, used in another incomparable way. This type of direct mail piece received amazing feedback from this mailing.

What makes Marketing truly Revolutionary? Time to Connect.
Eden Tree Pros

Is it time to solve a problem? Connecting with a specific area of your city or community can be achieved in many ways. There are fundamental challenges for every business or company. In this particular case — another possible way to use a 2 in 1 marketing piece. This company has been very popular with local businesses and home owners. They were wanting to become more visible within certain designated areas in the city. The 2 in 1 marketing pieces offered a way to accomplish their request. These printed pieces double as a common direct mail post-card and as a restaurant cashier counter promotional leave behind. The strategy to place these at restaurants with high customer traffic flow, sparks interest in the company's services. Putting a message directly in the hands of a potential customer is very meaningful.

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