Projects #2 - Direct Mail

Direct Mail — Meet all consumers where they're at.

This project for The Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research is about very important issues. Many types of media covered the story of Cloning of human parts and using umbilical cord blood. Purpose of this event is to save human lives and stop research in Nebraska that increases demand for the destruction of human embryos. This piece is meant to encourage doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators to attend and become more aware of current issues about this subject.

Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research
Establish an emotional connection with your potential customer or attendee.

In this piece, the need or threat to a baby or mother -regarding a umbilical cord being used for stem cell cures and whether security becomes real and imminent danger to all involved. What have doctors and science discovered over the last few years regarding this subject.

Visual Creativity can bring an experience into the hands of your customer

Having a sufficient marketing development time period allocated for this Direct Mail plan is most beneficial. Addressing the plan's major elements in strict sequence thoroughly makes for predictive success. We review, study, and critique the entire written direct mailing plan in agreement. Higher response rates will be reached.

This direct mail that Message Direct sent out gave a unique and unusual appearance and an importance that should not be overlooked. Fonts and composition of the heading for the piece is more interesting.

Online email blast mailings — Catch attention by using animation.
Special Program Logos

Embrace the Nations was looking to reach more attendees for their event. So this project moved in a direction using animation within the email blast which effectively met our clients expectations.

Given the fact that more consumers use electronic devices in their daily lives — means specific feedback can be returned at a rapid pace. Email blasts can sometimes become more effective if certain changes are applied to the production. Consumers inboxes will accept e-mail sizes up to 150k (we recommend 100k) when using graphics. When we used this creative email we decided it should be no wider than 750 pixels.

Sending email blasts require that the content/graphics be user ready. Some email users increase/decrease the font size, design, branding, and content. So it's important that the page will appear coherent, no matter the user's action. We made Embrace the Nations message readable, usable, so the targeted audience would click to respond. There is a dazzling colorful appearance area that we intensionally design when using internet e-mail browsers like Gmail and Yahoo. We designed this email blast piece size for the best height solution. The visual importance and appearance of this graphic design animation really helped guide the natural flow of the eye toward a call-to-action.

This e-mail blast was designed so the email users having a mid-size computer screen will not need to scroll down to view all the important information. Containing all the information in a smaller space area is preferable. This ensures that the e-mail will load quickly for users on a slower connection as well as on a fast one.

Turning Point Church of Olympia, WA
Turning Point Church Direct Mail piece.

For this Direct Mail piece — Message Direct offered a over-sized dimensional (11 in. wide x 6 in. deep) option for this creative direct mail distribution. This larger size piece can help you elevate your company and organization. Many varieties of custom design configurations and sizes can be implemented to attract a customers attention. Customers are much more likely to remember your business. Consumers will know that your material is a priority. Investing in a Higher Grade of Paper Stock reveals that it's more expensive and will scream quality.

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