Graphic Design

Creating Graphic Design Direction

During the creating of your own business cards, fliers, and newsletters it may have seemed like a necessity when first starting your company from your coffee shop, kitchen, or garage which may have limited your potential business goals. People's opinion of your company can often be decided upon in just a few seconds, and during that time nothing has a greater impact than the appearance of your marketing materials.

Fresh Ideas

Even if you have the best products this world can offer or have impeccable customer service which is light-years ahead of your competition, but cannot present an image of a superior company, there's that chance you'll never have the opportunity to show or prove it.

The Details Involved

Graphic design has many details that sometimes doesn't become apparent to someone outside of the graphic design industry. Choosing images, colors, shapes and fonts can often seem simple but there are many people who often choose what only appeals to them. Taking this a step further, there are many decisions and ideas that are created and designed for a marketing piece to generate tremendous impact and become effective in the marketplace. Excellent graphic design is about creating something that propels a particular response, whether to convey a PRECISE message or to persuade potential buyers.

Any Media — Message Direct Graphic Design at it's BEST

Through the years, Message Direct designed and produced almost every imaginable kind of collateral – award-winning websites, trade show displays, brochures, signage, product package design, print advertising campaigns, videos, software user graphics, multimedia, annual reports, direct mail and more. As motivation for the process, we carry projects from beginning to end, with brainstorming, concept, content, design, production and ultimately to distribution.

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